I'm sorry I'm so late to publish this post. It now seems like an age ago that Stanley was one (although really it's only a week) i can't believe i have a toddler in the house. i guess that is what he is now? well the toddler tantrums have begun so i don't think i can call him a baby anymore?!
what a year. what an amazing, stressful, emotional, scary and loving year i've had. Stanley was indeed planned, i know i have the ideal home to bring him up...husband, check. 3 bed semi (with garage?!) check. cat, check. family living nearby, check...but still. no one can warn you how hard it will be to bring up a child. no one. even with support all around me it sometimes is really hard. but i wouldn't have swapped this year for anything in the world. i love how Stanley is growing up, becoming a person, with a personality. i can start to see perhaps glimses of what he might be in the future, and i love that. i love him. and i love what he's made me.

here are some snaps of his birthday....{sorry there are quite a lot}

here's to another year :)

"Shoes? Where are all the toys?!"

 Marc Boutavant pull along toy = amazing!


 playing blocks with a bigger boy

footnote: we had two birthdays. the first on his actual day with family and my very best friend with her new baby. the second was for other friends and their kids. and no, i did not bake the second amazing cake. it was a chocolate and beetroot cake from treacle.


  1. Aw great post Sarah! LOVELY pictures and great Christmas Bits & Pieces too! Stanley's expression with the marakas is priceless. I've really loved following your blog over the last few months and it sounds like you've had such an incredible year! I hope 2012 is a great one and really look forward to future posts. best wishes, Emily
    PS I've voted!

  2. What an emotinal confess...I can really understand how hard and beautiful it is at the same time...It looks like a great party and I really love all the pictures,especially Stanley reading with Grandpa(i guess). I'll be voting everyday too!


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