{Christmas} Bits & Pieces

Only 2 days to go! So excited about christmas....especially as it is Stanley's first. And although he doesn't really understand what's happening it does feel that extra bit special this year. So my bits & pieces this week are obviously xmas based. i hope you are all ready for xmas and don't have any last minute shopping to do?! We are having Christmas lunch here at ours which I'm excited about. My husband is a vegetarian, but I am not, so there will be everything to choose from on the table on Sunday! I will try and post pictures from our day.

Pic 1 - Christmas tree top
Pic 2 - Decorations up high due to baby and kitty
Pic 3 - Giant snowflake
Pic 4 - Beautiful cold blue skies and no snow...yet?!
Pic 5 - Wrapping begun
Pic 6 & 7 - Vintage Santa
Pic 8 - New teeth ready for his first Christmas lunch!

I wish you all and very Merry christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks so much for reading my blog...I have picked up a lot more new readers since starting to blog more frequently and I really appreciate you visiting and especially when you leave me comments - it does really keep me going and makes me very happy to share my work, thoughts and life. So thank you.

Here's to 2012!
S xoxo

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