On Tuesday We Read...

 by Kveta Pacovska.

She is an amazing lady - born in Prague in 1928, she graduated from the Prague school of Applied Arts where she studied Czech modernism.

This book is very abstract - laid out as a long concertina fold it explores an abstract journey as if you are entering the book as part of the narrative. It is not really a children's book as such, but definitely can be enjoyed by children because it is fun, colourful and makes you use your imagination to create your own story.

I have two other books by her...photographed below, 'Midnight Play' and 'The Little Match Girl' It is very difficult to find out information about her on the web. So that is why my link is to images....the best place to start I think!

Sorry about the picture overload I couldn't help myself! Also sorry they are so dark - I totally forgot to take them this morning and then it gets dark so quickly here now in the afternoon...but I couldn't wait to do it tomorrow - Stanley's jumper matched too well!!

S xoxo


  1. What a lucky child! His mama has a wonderful book collection!

  2. these books are awesome! I love being introduced to new picture books & illustrators. and Stanley is so adorable!

  3. You ladies are too kind! So glad you like her...I think she is pretty freaking awesome! Go look at more her images, they are so inspiring...

  4. Oh god! the abstrac book look ameziiiing! ...and sarah with much repect i know you work today on internet and i love it ,tomorrow i'll go for all yours book! ºwº ...and sorry for my English isn't very well ,thank you for all! :D


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