On Tuesday we read...

..."Bugs in a Blanket" by Beatrice Alemagna.
She is by far and away my favourite illustrator. I think her work is absolutely stunning. Please go check her website out it is beautiful stuff.

I have a few of her books, they are hard to come by in the UK and normally in French too! Stanley is not yet allowed to read these two...they are MY children's books!!

PS Thanks for your kind words about Stanley's face. As you can see here the scratches look better already...phew xxx


  1. beatrice is my favourite by miles too! have you seen omega et l'ourse? i think it's out of print now, but it's so very wonderful. i am eagerly awaiting her new one in the post......

  2. Just visited her website,they're wonderful!Thanks for this precious sharing!And happy to see that your little beauty is better...

  3. so glad you shared this- her work is beautiful!


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