Children's Book Circle

On Thursday I am speaking at the Children's book Circle at Penguin Books, the Strand. The topic is 'Illustration for the Next Generation' and other speakers are Val Braithwaite, Creative Director, and Ele Fountaion, Editor both Bloomsbury Children's books.

We will be discussing design and illustration in children's books. Where do illustrators and designers find their inspiration? What role does illustration play in the art of storytelling and how can pictures tell us more than words alone? And are design and illustration fundamentally more important than written content for younger readers?

It will be very interesting to discuss these points as they are something I feel strongly about. I'm sure many children's book illustrators/readers of books have opinions on the matter......please feel free to leave a comment, it'd be great to hear what people think on the subject!

You can find out more info and buy tickets here.

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