And the winner is....

Stanley picked out a name....and I got to it just before he ate it!

Thanks so much to all those who entered. Congratulations to Leila! Please contact me with you postal address, i will send out your Topiary Bear this week and I hope you are really happy with it.

Blogger leila rudge said...
Dear Ms Sarah Dyer,
What a wonderful thing to share,
How nice it would be,
To have the letter 'T'
Pruned by a gardening bear!
25 October 2011 09:24

Thanks all for reading and stopping to say hello, it was so lovely to hear your comments, means a lot. And hopefully I'll get that etsy shop up and running soon...

S xoxo

PS Excuse the state of Stanley's face...the bad old kitty final got fed up of being chased about and fought back. She is very much in the dog (cat) house now. He is fine. I'm shocked now I see these photos, but hopefully all will be well again soon. Hope you don't all think I'm a terrible mother.... I know these things will happen but it doesn't make me feel any better about it :(


  1. Oh,i'm sorry about Stanley's face,I hope he'll be ok soon. And i love the idea of pretty drawing!

  2. Thanks Gulcin. His face is looking better already Sx

  3. Aww poor Stanley! I hope his scratches heal up soon and your cat is more gentle with his lovely cheeks in the future!

  4. Oh my goodness poor little Stanley! Those cats can be so very sneaky...

    Thanks for finding my name Stanley. Very excitied to have won one of your gorgeous illustrations Sarah - yippee! I'll email my postal address asap. x x x


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